Leadership, A Key Aspect in a Healthy Organizational Culture Essay example

Leadership, A Key Aspect in a Healthy Organizational Culture Essay example

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Leadership, no doubt, is one the key aspects of creating a culture and climate that extracts the best performance from employees. It is a significant contributor to long term sustained employee engagement and satisfaction. It is a key building block to creating a high performing organization. When a trained and successful leader from one culture attempts to use these same skill sets and experience, which made them successful, on employees of different cultures or cultural backgrounds and fails; is he now a bad leader? If the leader does not take into account the diversity at hand and understand the differences in perception then he will not be able to successfully influence his employees. Leadership is defined as “a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal” (Kruse, 2013). Who is it that defines good leadership? Is it the leader’s supervisor or is it the manager training course instructor or is it the employees/peers/ supervisors collectively who determine good leadership? Leaders must understand that they must earn the respect of the group in order for them to allow him to influence them. Leaders who do not accept or understand that this is, among other traits, the perception of leadership that counts, will fail or at the very least not be able to extract the full potential of the group, or perhaps create a toxic work environment. As stated in the book Classical Readings in Organizational Behavior, “power will be defined as any force that results in behavior that would not have occurred if the force had not been present” (Ott, Parkes, & Simpson, 2008, p. 355). Leaders within an organization have certain powers that enable them to manage their organization effectivel...

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