Essay about Leaders : Strategies For Taking Charge

Essay about Leaders : Strategies For Taking Charge

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Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge is an organizational management book written by Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus for those who aim to become better leaders. The authors emphasize that having executive positions or being a manager does not automatically make one a leader. A leader is one who inspires his staff, help them find purpose in their work, and effectively implement their plans. They separate the book not quite into chapters on different topics, but rather by four strategies that they have determined are vital for any leader to take on. The strategies are effectively concluded as attention through vision, meaning through communication, trust through positioning, and the deployment of self. A prominent feature of Leaders is the various anecdotes from leaders of both large and small organizations to illustrate Bennis and Nanus’s suggested strategies.
The foremost strategy that Bennis and Nanus emphasize is to create and commit to a vision. According to the authors, aspiring leaders must first create an enthralling view of the future of an organization—a vision. Visions may be anywhere between vague or precise notions, dreams or specific plan sets, but are always targets for what is the desired future outcome of some component of an organization. According to Bennis and Nanus, leaders choose from many ideas to create visions, articulate them, and give them form and legitimacy. Visions are so essential to leadership success because they serve as focal points for plans and actions. They give organizations sense of purpose and a mission to follow. When visions have purpose and direction through their missions, individuals within the organization are able to recognize their own roles within the enterprise and work better toget...

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... leadership is about character, setting the example for how team members treat one other (and in a corporate setting, their clients as well), being truthful and sustaining organizational trust, and encouraging themselves and others to learn. On one hand, it can be easy to see how many people in leadership positions do no match up to these standards of leadership. On the other, it seems a bit like common sense to be truthful to others and to effectively communicate with people who work together everyday. Leaders is an effective tool for summarizing and inspiring leadership not in that it teaches tough strategies and manipulations, but that when looking at an overview of its content, Bennis and Nanus are essentially teaching human relations and human decency. All in all, this book highlights strategies for us all to be better in our lives and our everyday interactions.

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