Essay on Leaders and Managers: Role Comparison

Essay on Leaders and Managers: Role Comparison

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There is much talk about leadership in today's world it has captured much attention though the media. We live in the technical age of communication where leadership is a hot topic. A strong leader motivates us and moves us from complacency to competitiveness. The accomplishments of an organization can directly be related to the combined efforts of everyone involved. This paper will examine the leadership of the organization I work for. We will discuss the role of its leaders and managers. We will compare and contrast the roles of its leaders and managers, while supporting this organizational belief that all managers are leaders.
I work for a not for profit religious organization we have seven employees and more than hundred volunteers. This business has the responsibility of people its purpose is to make a difference in the life of civilization. The organization involves itself in feeding, counseling, clothing, and comforting the Least the Lost and the Last. The leader of this organization believes “A leader is anyone who influences change.” The objectives of the leader is to recognize and develop plan for his managers that can communicate their values to others, define the definition of leadership to his managers, and explore the impact a manager can have on those who come in contact with them. The leader desires to empower his managers; empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action, and control the work environment by making good decisions. The managers of this organization analyze time, plan daily and weekly activities, and avoid unnecessary activities, in order to accomplish the mission of helping as many people as possible. It is the combined efforts of the Leader and mana...

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... are leaders. One of main reason this company believes that leaders and managers share leadership is because the clients many times only see the volunteers. Without the influence of the Leaders on the managers and the managers influence on the volunteers the work would go undone and the people would be left without help. The general stand our company is that “a leader is anyone who influence change” . We have notice change from all ranks of this organization. The Leader influences change on the managers, who influence change on the volunteers who influence change on the clients. It is the combined efforts of the Leader and managers that accomplish the goals in this organization.

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