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Leader or Follower? Essay

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Are you a leader or follower at work? Often in business it is widely believed that it is best to lead than to follow. Business does need positions of both types of people in order for a business to work successfully. A leadership position is usually identified by specific roles of managers and supervisors, hence given the definition of a leader. Followers tend to be characterized by someone who is given information and direction with the task of processing or completing an assignment with pre-planed productive results, they are the one who put the plan into action and create the results. Both positions are essential for success and completely dependent on each other, but is one more important than the other?
In a business organization, a leadership role is often characterized by a person who has the core ability to plan, implement, delegate, oversee, influence, and empower other employees toward a specific company goal. The character of a strong leader should have dominant personality traits to execute taught skill sets. For someone to take on a leading title they must not only be capable of taking on highly important responsibilities, but on average a successful leader is only eligible for the task when they can also easily influence others to follower their direction. A person must be able to persuade and influence people naturally, and the person is much more successful when they have confidence in themselves, and in their ideas and ability, all of which are visible. Additional skills are obtained through training to enhance the talent of instructing others in an effective manner.
A leader must be seen as an expert who has all the correct information and idea’s based on their vision. Envisioning opportunities may be one ...

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...must support the follower and followers must support the leader. A leader would not be a leader if there was no one to follow, and a follower would not be able to follow if there was not a leader. The line between the two roles is not an impassable line either. In most cases a leader was once a follower who decided they had the ability and desire to step out of their current role and take charge of assisting others to be more effective. The transition from a leader to a follower is made from personal and situational factors. Likewise a leader is usually also a follower of their leader at the same time as being a leader to other followers. The entire chain of command is completely dependent on the other parts and roles as a whole. One could a agree that for organizational success there must be someone to say “lets do this”, and others to agree and follow.

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