Essay on The Leader Of The Sewer Maintenance Division

Essay on The Leader Of The Sewer Maintenance Division

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To work under leadership that foster a sense of harmony and openness between employees and top leaders can motivate and promote a positive work environment. The leader of the Sewer Maintenance Division, within a local government agency uses various resonant leadership styles to manage the day to day operations. Mr. Stratford Sullivan is the Superintendent of this Division and approaches all issues by connecting the emotional aspect to the issue at hand to solve problems. Mr. Sullivan’s leadership style has transformed his middle level management team to become effective in carrying out the overall mission of the division, which as increased employee morale, improve employee work performance and decreased negative environmental impacts.
The Sewer Maintenance Division has 117 employees comprised of 1 Superintendent, 3 Assistant Superintendent and 6 Program Heads. This division is tasked with maintaining sanitary sewer collections system by cleaning sewer lines and/or spills, videoing and repairing sewer lines, and clearing and inspecting sewer easements. Mr. Sullivan’s leadership style used in area with varying levels of employees and task areas reflects multiple styles, depending upon the situation. He has compassion and is understanding and cares about each employee’s well-being, which categorizes him as a resonant leader. Resonant leaders “know what is going on” (Stokes, 2004, p. 93) states that resonant leaders “understand how their people feel about situations and issues, and have their fingers on the collective pulse of the team” (Stokes, 2004, p. 93). Mr. Sullivan is family and community oriented. He is heavily involved in his daughter’s education and sports activities as a freshman in college and is a local Fireman...

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...adership style seems to go well, there are some down falls to leading with such compassion and care. Some employees are cautious and peculiar in sharing their thoughts and may think Mr. Sullivan is too open, those employees, at time, tend to go against policy and doing their own thing because they think Mr. Sullivan is too easy and forgiving. Although Mr. Sullivan leadership style is more resonant style, he has employed managers that are a mix of resonant and dissonant styles that balance these issues. It is impressive that Mr. Sullivan displays a connection between emotional intelligence and top leadership, according to Dulewicz, V., & Higgs, M. (2003), top leadership does not appear to possess, or demonstrate many aspects of emotional intelligence. This organization will be successful in carrying out their goals and objectives with Mr. Sullivan being the leader.

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