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The Leader Of The Group Essay

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An important situation in which a person needs to be in complete control of their nonverbals is someone assuming a leadership position in ministry. A leader is supposed to be in charge of a group and serves a point for people to refer to or to discuss personal matters. Someone who has ignored the nonverbal signals usually is disconnected therefore demonstrates the lack of care. The leader of the group, needs to be aware of how its members are doing. Ignoring nonverbals can cause a person to continue to suffer in their pain as they are unable to express their emotions. Cueing on nonverbals is important for a leader because shows the engagement a leader has with their group. In addition, it stimulates conversation and allows conflict management skills to be put into action. An example which demonstrates the importance of this principle is a youth group leader who is aware of the tension between two certain individuals. This leader will be able to address the situation and possible, resolve conflict which exists within the group. When a leader is not taking cues from the audience quickly, the existing emotions can erode the group until what did exist is no longer possible. As a leader, identifying and addressing the nonverbal communication within a group is a highly useful skill to acquire.
The effect of ignoring or not understanding nonverbal communication can be seen in marriages. Marriages rely on the ability of couples communicating without using words. Marriages tend to be slightly more high context than the rest of American interaction. However, when this relationships beings to break down, it usually the result of miscommunication. Words are rarely misinterpreted, however, nonverbal communication can be misunderstood or not ...

... middle of paper ... done, however as a body of believers so much can be accomplished.
Nonverbal communication is the form of communication which uses the body or the environment to convey a message. This form of communication is powerful and influential and certainly conveys the majority of the message. This tool is powerful in a ministry setting, as proper use allows for a more impactful message to deliver. However, if it is misused or ignored nonverbal communicated can create major problems for a relationship. Ignoring nonverbal communicating can lead to trust being destroyed or marriages being lost. If people choose to value nonverbal communication it can truly help people love each other well and deepen the existing relationship. God desires for all people to learn how to communicate and relate better, nonverbal communication is an important principle which should not be ignored.

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