The Leader Of The College Ministry Essay

The Leader Of The College Ministry Essay

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At Fresh anointing house of worship I was in the college ministry, the church had two different colleges that they had a college ministry. The two colleges that the church was at were Alabama State University and Auburn University Montgomery (AUM). The leader of the college ministry was name Pierre. Next to Pierre we had some other people that where in leadership as well with him. Pierre and me had lots of problems in the college ministry with each other. He asked me to lead the kids in the college ministry but question everything that I do and all the people that I hang out with. Then he starts telling the kids in the college ministry to becare full about hanging out with me. That made me mad, how you going to ask me to be a leader and don’t trust me. So I basically was like forget the college ministry leaders and did what I wonted to. This was going on for about year or two. But now when I look back about what happen between us. I think that Pastor Pierre was young; I think that the church put some type of pressure on him or he was just trying to hard. I think that he wonted the be...

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