The Leader, Authentic Leadership, And Race Ethnicity And Gender Social Identity

The Leader, Authentic Leadership, And Race Ethnicity And Gender Social Identity

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Servant Leadership, Authentic Leadership, and Race-Ethnicity and Gender Social Identity
Effective leadership, commonly regarded as both a learned skill and innate ability, is an essential characteristic of successful organizations (Northouse, 2016). Great leaders are said to define purpose, create a vision for the future, set high ethical standards, and guide their organizations through many circumstances and into new directions (Morrill, 2007; Parris & Peachey, 2012). Leadership is also described as complex – it can mean different things to different people. Given there is no standard approach to leadership, scholars focus on the process of leadership as opposed to the definition (Northouse, 2016). As a process, leadership is not simply possessing formal authority or characteristic traits and personal attributes. Quite the reverse, leadership is mostly a relationship – engagement and interactive exchange – between leaders and followers (Morrill, 2007; Northouse, 2016). According to Parris and Peachey (2012), the impact of effective leadership on economic, political, and organization success makes leadership one of the most comprehensively researched processes of human behavior. Therefore, understanding the behaviors of leaders is critical to understanding individual and organizational success.
Scholarly research provides a critical examination of leadership theories within traditional constructs as it relates to the application, outcomes, measurement validity, and subsequent theory development. Morrill (2007) states leadership theory allows for greater comprehension of decision-making behaviors and methods. Intertwined with the constructs of leadership is social identity. People with “target” identities are “members of social id...

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...wing is viewed in contrast to leadership making its general acceptance a challenge. Northouse (2016) also states the concept of servant leadership’s primary focus on the needs and development of followers may conflict with principles of other leadership theories, namely directing, concern for production, organizational goal setting, and creating a vision. In Parris and Peachey (2012), Bass (2000) acknowledged that servant leadership requires extensive research, emphasizing that ‘‘the strength of the servant leadership movement and its many links to encouraging follower learning, growth, and autonomy, suggests that the untested theory will play a role in the future leadership of the learning organization’’ (p. 33). The SLQ and observing servant leadership in varying organizations may prove to be an effective method in furthering research on the validity of the theory.

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