The Leader as Mentor: Jesus Christ Essay

The Leader as Mentor: Jesus Christ Essay

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“Follow Me!” The call to His disciples was straightforward. Three short years later, after watching and listening to the Master, Jesus gave a final charge, “Go and make disciples.” (Commonly known as the Great Commission, it is the call to all followers of Christ as well.) Jesus chose to implement the fulfilling of the New Covenant through 12 men who He called, appointed, and commissioned (Willson, 1990). His methods were unconventional and revolutionary for that time. Training was extensively and exclusively provided by Jesus while living with Him for three years prior to His ascension. He taught about servant leadership and its meaning for both the leader and follower (Matt. 20:25-28). An examination of His actions in the Gospels showed that Jesus left behind the transferable patterns to be replicated. His methods included the incorporation of three different levels of discipleship: His interaction individually with Peter; His closest three (Peter, James, and John); and finally the group of 12. This paper identified and analyzed the three levels of discipleship Jesus modeled. These discipleship methods were then measured against modern leadership theories, and Jesus’s level of involvement and interaction with his disciples were critiqued in light of these modern theories in an effort to determine the effectiveness of this approach.
The Three Levels of Discipleship
From a small band of 12 to one of the largest religious followings today, the evidence reveals that Jesus’s efforts were effective. Christianity and its effects can be seen in countless churches, hospitals, and charitable organizations. The results of following Jesus has changed hearts for over 2000 years worldwide, His methods demand a second look.

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...ntemporary theory validates His timeless methods. Jesus took 12 ordinary men and changed the world. 2000 years of success is hard to refute.

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