Lead Poisoning Outbreak Of The United States Essay

Lead Poisoning Outbreak Of The United States Essay

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Over the years, lead poisoning has become a major issue in the United States. The worst part about the lead poisoning outbreak is that it has increasingly worsened as the years have gone by. Along with the outbreak has come many harmful and deadly effects. Lead poisoning is a serious issue not to be taken lightly. Even a small pinch could be detrimental. It could even end someone’s life. Repairing the pipes, deteriorating health, and costly repairs were all effects of the lead poisoning outbreak.
Although lead poisoning is being called to action now, according to MotherJones, it has somehow affected children in flint for at least 80 years (Markowitz, Rosner). It all started in the 1920s when lead became an additive for gasoline. The first actual lead poisoning outbreak that was identified was in the1930s and was thought to have come from the paint used in old homes that could have possibly contained lead. This played an important role in the children’s exposure to it. As it was distributed out of tail pipes of so many cars and trucks it got into the soil the children played in and was tracked into places the children spent most of their time at. Another way lead was introduced throughout the world was in the form of a white powder that was mixed with linseed oil and used in paints that covered the walls of houses, hospitals, schools and any other types of buildings into 1978. Even though the known harmful effects were discovered long ago, children’s wooden toys, cribs, and windowsills containing paint contaminated with lead, it was not until that year that it was banned in household paints.
The major issue of this crisis would be the decision to switch from the Detroit water system and receive water from the Flint River, which ...

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...led water for their children to bathe. For example, says little Stephanie has been outside playing in the dirt and playhouse all day. She is worn out and is ready for a bath, but since they are in an area contaminated with lead water her parents must first boil the water instead of getting it from the hydrant. Little Stephanie will still be at risk because once the lead comes in contact with the boiling water it increases the concentration.
Until the water crisis is solved, many innocent people will continue to suffer from health problems, costly repairs, and time consuming reconstruction. It is disappointing to know that small children will not access to fresh water. It is unconstitutional to know that many people are not given the same opportunities to have fresh water. This problem is quickly getting out of hand and it needs to be fixed immediately.

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