Lead Poisoning: A Pediatrician Must be Informed Essay

Lead Poisoning: A Pediatrician Must be Informed Essay

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A pediatrician’s job is not only to treat sick children, but to also help prevent illnesses by providing information to the public about certain things that can harm children. Pediatricians have been concerned with many things that could cause illnesses in children, but recently their focus has been on “toxic” toys, or toys that contain high enough amounts of lead that can be dangerous and harmful. A pediatrician must not only be apprehensive about how to treat children who have been harmed by these toys, but they also must be aware of the research that is being done in order to protect their patients from this type of illness.
One of the things that a pediatrician should be focused on after reading an article about toxic toys should be the science and research that has been done on this topic. Until recently, clinicians thought that a child either had lead poising or they did not, and there was no in between. At this time, the elevated pediatric lead level was said to be a concentration in whole blood of over 60 micrograms per deciliter (Landrigan, 2000). However, pediatricians should be aware of Herbert Needleman’s research that showed that lead could alter children’s behavior and reduce their intelligence at blood lead levels lower than 60 micrograms per deciliters. Most recently, the blood lead level has been reduced to 10 micrograms per deciliters in 1991, and pediatricians should be fully aware of this (Landrigan, 2000). This decrease in blood lead level is due to the widespread removal of lead in things such as gasoline and paint (Falk, 2003). Pediatricians should know this so that they may be able to offer a small piece of comfort to the parents of their patients, because they will know that lead poising is preventable,...

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...ch are medications that bind to lead and assist in its removal from the body (Ringold, Lynm, and Glass, 2005).
As a pediatrician reads an article about toxic toys, their first instinct would be to care for the health of their patients. They should be concerned with educating parents about the objects that could cause their children to get lead poisoning, and how to prevent it. Pediatricians should be familiar with the symptoms of lead poisoning so that they can diagnose a child early in order to limit the damage that is done. They should also look at this article with the perspective of a scientist, and pay attention to the research that is currently being done. A pediatrician should be able to morph the perspectives of both a scientist and a caregiver so that they can perform their job to the best of their abilities and offer the best care to their patients.

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