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Think of the leaders you know. Who comes to mind easily? We can mention several military, business, sports personalities, even U.S presidents who might fit the bill. Images of popular personalities like Martha Stewart and Donald Trump comes easily to mind. A leader must have superior qualities to command followers. Qualities are what we seek in a leader who we look up to, to guide us. We put our trust in any leadership because of the qualities that they exude.
A leader must possess qualities such as but not limited to skilled communication, team-building ability, and the abilities to direct, delegate, motivate, mentor, organize, facilitate, and think critically. Such qualities and many more give a leader the characteristic of the lead and the right to step to the fore. A leader must acquire vision, tenacity of purpose, determination and other personal qualities, especially as seen when one runs for office of president (of the United States). Without these salient qualities, many leaders fall short of their leadership.
One can be a leader without being in positional leadership. One may be called to lead without having a badge, business card, or title to back up their leadership position. Such people tend to be pioneers, new thinkers, risk takers, martyrs, and linchpins. Then there are leadership roles where people strive to achieve positional goals. Many of these roles require leader like qualities mentioned above even in their administrative roles.
At the same time, organizations need great management. A manager is someone that enforces structures and rules of a system for sustainability purposes. A manager must possess leadership-like qualities. People deem administrators and managers alike. They str...

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...that looks at an organization structure like a regular job description, like a chart and details involve in every regular job.
While from the systems point of view, which in many cases is a view most top executives, presidents, leaders of the society views. This view is a basic understanding on how organization's goals are met. How to increase income, maintain current customers, and maintain or increase market shares and getting new product or service out to the market.

In conclusion I leadership and operations managements or management is just like cat and mouse, they never agree but when they do, goals are met. For a leader to lead he/she must have a very good knowledge of management and operations. Meaning a person in operations or management has many skills and ideas of how to manage and run a business.

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