Essay about Le View Through The Trees From The Park Of Pierre Crozat

Essay about Le View Through The Trees From The Park Of Pierre Crozat

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Of the two paintings, Antoine Watteau’s piece, Le Perspective (View through the Trees from the Park of Pierre Crozat), would best suit the art collector. Watteau’s painting best characterizes a splendid outing with friends than does Caspar David Friedrich’s, Chalk Cliffs of Rugen. Friedrich’s painting fails to pleasantly showcase a carefree trip with friends but rather depicts a serious, almost dangerous expedition. Watteau’s painting however, demonstrates a group of individuals happily communing with one another in a more subtle setting, resulting in a more appealing scene for the collector.
Friedrich’s painting, Chalk Cliffs of Rugen, show himself, his wife, and his brother atop a cliff overlooking a vast sea. Although the overall image may be quite the stunning view, the jagged cliffs give the image a sense of fear, making the scene hostile. This sense of fear though, is reinforced with the unique positioning of the objects, specifically the people. Frist off, Friedrich’s wife appears to be holding on to a bush as she tries to looks down the steep cliff. Meanwhile, Friedrich’s brother stands tall, leaning against a tree, all while looking out into the far distance. The most peculiar pose however, is Friedrich’s himself, who is dangerously crouched down, possibly struggling to make out what his wife is pointing to. Friedrich uses the lines creating by the trees and jagged cliffs to lead the viewer to the sea, which randomly contains to extremely small boats. Not only do the small boats intensify the height at which the size the cliff must be, but they leave the viewer wondering why there is not just one but two boats, and what their real underlying purpose is.
On the other hand, Watteau’s painting captures a group of individu...

... middle of paper ...

...rcing the unity and friendship already characterized in this image. This also brings up more of an ironic than funny issue, that you would expect more unity from Friedrich’s painting being that they are family, but instead an awkward almost dark message is conveyed.
After a thorough analysis of both images, it can be concluded that Watteau’s painting, Le Perspective, would make a better choice for the art collector. Through space, color, light and brushstrokes, Watteau’s image, most successfully captures an intimate, genuine moment amid friends and the great outdoors. As opposed to Friedrich’s, Chalk Cliffs of Rugen, which disturbingly gives off a dark, almost frightening moment among family, with the odd alignment of its figures. As a concluding remark, the art collector will surely be most satisfied picking Watteau’s art piece, as it better fulfills her requests.

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