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The town of Manchester is built wherein; the rich and poor are separated. The rich people or sometimes called “bourgeoisie” are allowed to live their life without coming into contact with the workers. There are unspoken rules that the working-people’s quarters are separated from the middle-class or the rich people. The commercial district is at the center of Manchester which includes offices and warehouses. The poor people live behind the commercial center and their houses lie in a bad environment for their health, which is proved by having dirty Irk water for them to use. There houses are covered with dirt, broken windows can be seen and there is a foul smell also. In contrast, the rich people live “in remotes villas with gardens, in free, wholesome country air, in fine and comfortable homes”.
Vocabulary describing the conditions
Friedrich Engels discovered the condition of how a working class in England lives in 1844. He described Manchester with an unpleasant nature when he visited the neighborhood. He emphasized that if a person pass the main street, he gets into a filth and disgusting grime (pg2, paragraph 3). He also declares that the courts are very dirty and “inhabitants can pass into and out of the court by passing through foul pools of stagnant urine and excrement” (pg 3, paragraph 1). Engels declares that below the Ducie Bridge, “there are several tanneries which fill the whole neighborhood with the stench of animal putrefaction (pg 3, paragraph 1). He also adds “In dry weather, a long string of the most disgusting, blakish-green, slime pools are left standing on this bank, from the depths of which bubbles of miasmatic gas constantly arise” (pg 3, paragraph 2). He illustrates “Below the bridge you look upon the pil...

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...aduates and if they are college graduates, they are unemployed. Our economy is not in good shape and there are a lot of layoffs in many companies. So, how can this people find work if the economy is not doing well? How could they help themselves? For me, I believe that the government it the one to blame because did not use our country’s budget wisely. For an example, they used a lot of money in the war against Iraq causing budget deficits. As a result, a lot of people and families are affected and suffering. The government should carefully think of ways to improve our economy like raising the taxes of the rich people. They should also think cautiously on what projects they need to cut wherein, less people would suffer. If the economy improves immediately, we will prevent layoffs and more jobs will be offered. More jobs means more opportunity to help the homeless.

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