Essay on Lawsuits Involving Social Media

Essay on Lawsuits Involving Social Media

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Facebook is a social network that lets you post anything you want, like; statuses, pictures, videos. You can see what your friends are doing just by what they post and they can do the same for you. Twitter is about the same when it comes to sharing posts, pictures, etc. but you have a limit of characters for each tweet you send.. These social networks take over a persons’ life because of how much they are on it; but this is only one of few major problems with that come with these networks. There have been cases when people libel one another, trying to ruin each other’s lives. There are teenagers bullying other teenagers on these networks and we call it cyberbullying. Two other major problems are invasion of a person’s privacy and Facebook tracking your every move.
Everyone believes that when they log out of Facebook that no one can see what you’re doing or were doing. There is evidence that Facebook still sees what you’re doing even when you’re not logged in.
According to Matthew Humphries, the cookies in your computer are a good but bad thing to have. Cookies basically use the websites you like to keep track of you. Facebook uses the like button and the websites they are connect with, to track you. (Insert Source). An engineer who works for Facebook named Greeg Stefancik said that Facebook does track the people who use the website but for a good cause. They track when you log in and out to keep spammers from hacking into your accounts, keep kids that are too young from making an account, and help people whose accounts have been hacked into. The only way to keep Facebook from watching your every move is to delete the cookies that are connected to Facebook. (Insert Source). It might sound li...

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... a button. The bad parts about social networks are; people can watch your every move, hack into your information, you can be caught and sued for libel if you’re not careful, and cyberbullying. All and all people need to be careful when you are on these networks; even though they are fun, they come with a consequence.


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