The Laws That Regulate Society Essay

The Laws That Regulate Society Essay

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The laws that regulate society did not just appear one day nor have they just always been around. The development of the government and its power has like many other areas of the societal system have had to be developed over time and with trial. John Locke who was an English philosopher and physician had some opinions himself regarding how and why the state gained the power to make particular laws and regulations. His work of “Second Treatise on Government” has been able to provide his view on how and for what reason the state has the power to make these law that are regulating and limiting the citizens in the society.
Society started off with small households that delegated the power to the master -father- of the household in both reference to the family unit and the servant and master relationship. Essentially the men were free and considered equals to each other. They were around to look after their own personal: life, liberty and belongings from any other men who could possibly steal or destroy this property that he had acquired. If there were any offences against each other the...

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