The Laws Protecting Child Abusers From Hate Crimes Essay

The Laws Protecting Child Abusers From Hate Crimes Essay

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Juan Salcedo
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Could you imagine how children must feel when they are abused by someone that is supposed to love and protect them, and nothing is done to help them? For this reason, it is important to realize there are legislative laws protecting child abusers from hate crimes, and excuses certain people from mandated reporting abuse. In fact, almost five children die every day as a result of abuse. Also, money is spent to convict and imprison child abusers which could be put towards programs that help people to recognize and prevent abuse. Children are the future; therefore, it is important for them to grow up in an environment they can thrive, feel safe and free from harm. After all, as the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” stands true to this day. Now is the time for everyone to put forth the extra effort to create ways to bring child abuse, a growing epidemic to an end. As responsible citizens it is the duty to report when child abuse is suspected, create laws that implement stiffer penalties, and teach people how to recognize the signs and how to prevent abuse.
Anyone that suspects a child is neglected or abused should be mandated to report the abuse to an official, no exemptions, and no exclusions. Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline if available at 1-800-4-A-CHILD. This number is used to report abuse, or get help from abuse (Help Guide, 2011). A suspected child abuse case is reported every ten seconds this totals to more than three million cases yearly involving more than six million children (Child Help, 2011). If children are not protected from abuses this may make the victims lash out later in life and be abusers themselves. If most chi...

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...future of America. This proves the importance for everyone to pitch in and raise these very fragile children to the best of their abilities, so they can grow up to be striving, happy, healthy adults. This is why it is imperative for mandatory reporting, stiffer penalties, and programs to help recognize and prevent child abuse. After all it does take a village to raise a child. Communities uniting as one will build trust amongst themselves, and a stronger and more secure foundation for their children. If programs are created by volunteers and communities additional funding would not be necessary.

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