The Laws Passed Throughout American History Essay

The Laws Passed Throughout American History Essay

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There have been many controversial laws passed throughout American history that have been a source of outrage across the nation, but one of the arguably most controversial acts made into law is known as the Dawes Act. During the time that this Act was considered by the American government, racial tensions were high against the American people and the Native Americans due to the hunger for land preoccupied by the Natives. Senator Henry Dawes proposed a bill that he and his supporters believed would help reduce tensions and assimilate the supposed savages into what was believed to be a more civilized way of life. The proposed solution was to dissolve the Indian reservations and divide the land among the Indians to give them a way to provide for themselves. This seemed like an underhanded way to trick the Native Americans to conform into American culture while the remaining land was sold off to the whites. The Dawes Act was never meant to slowly introduce and eventually assimilate the Native Americans into white culture; it was an attempt to weasel more land away from the Indian pop...

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