Essay on Laws Of Their Culture And Religion

Essay on Laws Of Their Culture And Religion

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In society today there are many religions and cultures that each in their own way preaches different values. Morality is a subject that is often studied and analyzed to evaluate how people act and why they act in that manner. Being moral refers to “what persons ought to do in order to conform to society’s norms of behavior” (Beauchamp, 1997, p.2). Without morality it would be very difficult to have expectations on how people would act within society. This would in turn impact day to day interactions with strangers as with no morals of how one should act to their neighbor, there would be no mutual trust. If someone questions the conventional customs and laws of their culture and religion, why should they be good? If someone does not want to conform to the norms of their religion, they will have little to no drive to be “good” in the eyes of their culture. This said, there are many reasons someone would be considered good in the eyes of their culture or religion regardless of the fact that they may not agree with some direct practices of their culture or religion.

I will start by touching upon the subject of cultural relativism, and more specifically the golden rule. The golden rule states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Bill Puka). This rule is something that is harped on by most if not all cultures and religions. The idea of being kind to your neighbour, and treating them how you’d like to be treated is a concept that backbones our social interactions on a daily basis. The golden rule is one example of why people are moral, regardless of whether or not they choose to obey the customs and laws of their cultures/religions. Without this universal concept, it would be difficult to build sound relatio...

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... back to ethical egoism, which cannot be depended on to build a sustainable society in regards to morality. In order for morality to be achieved people need to conform to society’s ideals and be good regardless of their views on customs and of their culture and religion.

There are multiple reasons why one should and may continue to be good even if they question the customs or laws of their culture or religion. As the golden rule states within the cultural relativism theory, people should treat others how they’d like to be treated. There are also a long list of personal reasons as to why someone would want to be good regardless of their views on customs and laws. Lastly Mill points out that most people want to find harmony within their society. In general, people may continue to be good due to the aforementioned, and the want to be a valuable member of society.

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