Laws Of North American And European Countries Essay example

Laws Of North American And European Countries Essay example

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In this paper, the authors have focused only on laws of North American and European countries because of the difficulty of covering both American/European and Asian/others countries since, generally, laws from Asian countries are different from American/European (more restrictive) and it is necessary to separate them into different studies. In following works, the authors will cover security and privacy laws of Asian countries such as China or Japan, in order to assist designers to create apps for those zones. Similarly, the authors decided to focus only on the EU and USA, in order to simplify this work, selecting them for being probably the most representative zones of the occidental developed countries and two markets 181, Page 2 of 8 J Med Syst (2015) 39:181 that are the objective of an important number of apps designers. Another limitation is that this paper has taken into account only legal laws concerning security and privacy in mobile health, not certifications or frameworks, since there are frameworks for organizations (commercial companies, government agencies, non-profits) useful for obtaining specific certifications but written in light of the existing laws, which are the critical aspect to take into account by designers. Besides, in the industry of mobile apps, there are many apps created individually by people with no company or organization, just the person itself, so it may not be necessary getting one of those certifications. This study can also complement the existing standards in security and privacy such as ISO/IEC 27001/2013 about information security management [40], which is considered ‘the foundation’ by security experts worldwide. However, in this case the authors only focused on mHealth aspects. Once expos...

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...etimes not easy since the abstract is not clear and it can be misunderstood, we enhanced the assessment process with independent verification, as it was done in other works [41, 42]: one author developed the search of literature papers and the rest inspected the results in order to check possible errors. The authors also made a classification of the papers found following the mentioned method. Finally, the last part of the study, the creation of privacy and security recommendations for mHealth apps designers, was performed using the results obtained in the previous parts of this research. Known the specific laws that the apps must satisfy and the techniques and technologies used for this aspects of security and privacy, the authors convened to discuss what techniques must at least be used and which of them are the most suitable in order to fulfil the laws studied.

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