The Laws Of Nature Are Not Difficult Essay

The Laws Of Nature Are Not Difficult Essay

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Objective truths are meant to be unchallenged and believed in to govern and maintain structure in a world full of uncontrollable desires. For example, the laws of nature are “immutable and eternal” and provide a guideline to establish rules for a healthy way of living. Never will there be a world that can coexist peacefully together without a single minute spent untangling a problem or breaking up a skirmish. There will always be people who are outliers and choose to go on a different path than everyone else. For cultural relativists, the idea of having objective truths is non existent, and rather they believe in many truths and ultimately live by many different standards. The laws of nature make it difficult for cultural relativists to follow because a relativist respects many cultures’ ideas all relative to each culture and having an objective truth means going against a culture’s belief.

To clarify what exactly the laws of nature are, Hobbes created the laws of nature to combat a difficult state of living called, the state of nature. Essentially, the state of nature is also called the state of war and is a world with no social arrangement. Basically, a place where everyone fights on their own to continue living or else be killed by those wanting to live even longer than yourself. Three principals of the nature of man lead a society to war. They are competition, diffidence and glory (Hobbes 52). Competition meaning to “invade for gain”, diffidence for safety, and glory to show others your power. There also three conditions about humans that make sense for man to engage in war and survival. The first condition is that we, as humans, are all equal (enough) meaning at the base of our DNA and genetics, we should all be equal hum...

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...y other individuals. But if everyone in a state of nature is able to adapt to the second law of nature, the world would be in a much safer place meaning there would be civilization. The laws of nature make all that is bad in the state of nature turn in a complete 180 for the better. The laws establish a value in time, which was overlooked by the fear of constant death in the state of nature and now people have time to do other things that may have been useless like farming and possibly some arts. The laws give the opportunity for people to specialize in certain tasks like weaponry, basket weaving, farming, sewing, jewelry, etc. People are no longer afraid of each other given the laws of nature and relationships are again created so people build trust with one another. The laws of nature satisfy human needs and establish requirements for how humans should live life.

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