Essay on The Laws of Law Enforcement

Essay on The Laws of Law Enforcement

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It is important to realize that law enforcement is expected to uphold the law while maintaining the constitutional rights of citizens. Law enforcement professionals have a variety of methods they utilize in order to assure that the rights of citizens are not violated. Law enforcement serves the community and enforces the law by maintaining the constitutional rights of citizens, using crime theory in their practice, and overcoming the daily issues that they face.
With this in mind, three particular parts of the Constitution are relevant to law enforcement. Law enforcement ensures that they do on violate the rights of citizens by upholding Amendments IV, V, and VIII. Amendment IV declares that police officers are not allowed to conduct unreasonable searches and seizures or obtain warrants without probable cause, which is supported, by oath or affirmation. If this right is violated, the case that the police officer is trying to prove may be thrown out of court due to inadmissible evidence. This right, not only protects the police from having their case dismissed, it ensures that Americans do not have to live under a dictatorship. Amendment V specifies that the police cannot charge an individual twice for the same crime. They cannot force people to incriminate themselves. They also cannot deprive any individual of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. If the police fail to read the Miranda warning to a suspect, anything they may confess to can also be inadmissible in court. Once the Miranda warning is read, the suspect has the option of waiting for an attorney before they talk to the police. Amendment VIII expresses that the police cannot inflict cruel and unusual punishments on citizens. This protects both, the indiv...

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