The Laws Is A Country Without Laws Essay

The Laws Is A Country Without Laws Essay

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Following the laws is a very important aspect we the people should obey. A country without laws would create a very huge chaos. If situations such as murder, stealing, and speeding have increased during time, imagine a country which promotes people to not follow its laws. United States is filled with laws that we must follow, and if we don’t consequences will come on hand. People in many occasions don’t like rules since they stand for someone telling them what or what not to do. Though, in order to live in a humanized country we must follow laws which are present for an important reason and punish those who go against them.
In the other hand, exceptions shouldn’t be given to anyone no matter the circumstances. For instance, if a person is speeding in cause of an emergency, and another is speeding without a reason they are still both breaking the law. A speed limit is given to provide safety to us, and avoid any further accidents. Maybe the person who is speeding in cause of the emergency may create another crisis and unfortunately hurt or kill them, it is a risk which can’t be taken in society. For every action there is a reaction. In addition, that is one of the reason why ambulances, police, and firefighter vehicles exist. They contain the siren, plus the authority which gives the people an advance notice they are on their way and that vehicles should take caution and move out of the road. Rather than a normal vehicle that doesn’t contain all this, which is where many accidents can occur.
Such incident which occurred where 37 year old man, Tony Schmucker had an accident while he was driving his wife Jill Schmucker to a near-by hospital to give birth to their third baby. Schmucker was speeding while rushing his wife and unfortun...

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...old to get out of a building in a calm, orderly exit, it includes when driving on the roads.
In conclusion, laws are given for an important reason. It basically protects us from people doing anything that can hurt us. And even though sometimes society breaks rules at the end of the day they will end up paying the consequences either with prison, a fine, or restrictions. We can’t risk making restrictions throughout society. Therefore, no one should be allowed or be dismissed from breaking rules, no matter what the situation is. If we want to improve our country we need to start off by following all laws given. Obeying the laws is a moral and obligation as people living under the government. Laws reflect morality and avoid a lot of troubles and as directed before laws are written for a specific cause and that is for us to follow them and enforce them without exceptions.

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