Essay about The Laws And Religion From Personal Ethics

Essay about The Laws And Religion From Personal Ethics

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Theft is widely regarded as one of the most morally unjust crimes to commit. Stealing is prohibited in almost every nation around the world and also forbidden in one of the most influential writings of all time; The Bible. Almost everyone can agree that stealing is frowned upon and morally wrong; however, often times stealing can be a product to a deeper problem. Thieves all have some reason to steal, to them whatever is worth stealing is more important than making the morally correct decision. This ethical flaw is a personal issue and not something that negatively affects me in that situation. Therefore, in the case of witnessing a young mother stealing, I would not report the mother to store security because selfishly speaking, her actions to steal do not harm my overall well being.
It is important to distinguish the difference between laws and religion from personal ethics. Laws try to capture the ‘Do’s and Dont’s ' of that specific nation. Each country has a different culture that creates a completely different set of ideals and principles. Therefore, laws are not u...

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