Laws and Regulations in the Health Industry Essay

Laws and Regulations in the Health Industry Essay

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Laws and Regulations in the Health Industry

Every day, the health and medical industry continues to grow and mature and is now one of the most needed and necessary industries in the world today. This is an industry I would really enjoy being a part of later on in my life because it is constantly changing, I would never do the same task every day and I would feel secure since it is consistently in demand. I job I would particularly like to have in this industry would be the career of plastic surgeon. Throughout history, this career never seems to stop changing and with change, new laws and regulations are needed for the benefit of not only the person holding the job position, but also the patients that they care for. These laws and regulations include sections under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Indian Health Services, The Pure Food and Drug Act, and other basic laws and regulations.
Nowadays, everything is so expensive. Prices continue to go up and it gets harder and harder to come out ahead at the end of the month. Thankfully, there are programs out there that can help out people who need it. There are more than a few ways that the Affordable Care Act will influence health care and insurance in the United States through the Obama health care plan. These changes include quality and reasonably priced health care for all Americans and was introduced on January 1, 2014. This law made it a necessity that nearly everyone have health insurance in the United States. This also inhibits insurance companies from being able to cast-off people with pre-existing problems. This health care bill assures to provide financial assistance for individuals and families who cannot afford health insurance.
Public programs play an expon...

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...stitutes earlier legal arrangements for Enduring Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection Receivers with converted and newly updated schemes. The Mental Capacity Act applies to people aged 16 and over and is extremely vital to the consumer.
These are just a very small portion of how many laws and regulations revolving around the health care program that actually exist. Thankfully, these laws were put in place to ensure the protection of the doctors and the consumer.

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