Essay about The Laws And New Laws

Essay about The Laws And New Laws

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In theory and supposedly in practice, the lower federal court’s precedent are not binding in state court, because the two courts are meant to “coordinate” with each other and state courts are not meant to be subordinate to federal courts (Frost, 2015). But when it comes to certain popular subjects, states don’t always agree with the standards and precedents that are set by the federal government. This is why it is important to stay knowledgeable of all changes to laws and new laws created. New laws and legislation are constantly being revised and created, and these laws not only affect the citizens who abide them, but also the officers who enforce them.
Unfortunately, in today’s society it is unlikely that majority of us know about new laws and legislation unless it is surrounded by publicity, or has completely changed the dynamic. For example, on June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled the United States Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex marriage in all 50 states, and seemingly everyone knew about it. Everyone was aware because this is an issue that split the nation in two, either you whole-heartedly supported it, or you were against it. News outlets buzzed with celebrity opinion and political stances on the issue, while social media was the opinion outlet for mostly everyone else. In just the past month, new legislation and laws have been written concerning domestic violence and it has went unnoticed. The law is an attempt to make it easier for prosecutors to prosecute cases without testimony from the victim.
In an article written by Daniel Faris entitled “Want to Know How to Become an Informed Citizen? Here’s How.” he addresses just how many people in the United States are relatively uninformed and clueless about ...

... middle of paper ... rights you have and what rights you don’t have. It is beneficial to the police when they need to know what is to be enforced and what is to be left alone. .in laws can have a substantial effect on the way officers effectively do their jobs. It is also very important for bot officers and citizens to know what the difference is between what their state allows and what the federal government allows, because what is illegal in federal court may be legal in state court, and vice versa.
An example of this would be the currently changing marijuana laws. In the past marijuana was outlawed in every state, but in recent years it has become legal to sale and to use in some states. It is also only legal for medical purposes in some areas, while it is available for both medical and recreational use in others. It is vital to know what is and what is not allowed in your area.

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