Lawmakers Should Pass the DREAM Act Essay

Lawmakers Should Pass the DREAM Act Essay

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Imagine a world with an educated youth. Now imagine a parallel world where children are fighting to keep a smile on their faces, because, in truth, it is the only thing they have. In reality, this is what is happening. Youth, who have the privilege to be American citizens, are granted a very fulfilling education with a promise of a career. Children of illegal and undocumented immigrants do not have such luck. Some undocumented children in America have very promising futures and even a degree under their belts, but they cannot apply for a job because they have no proof of citizenship. A controversial topic is the matter of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education, for Alien Minors) which permits undocumented immigrants to obtain citizenship and later get a job. Is this topic really a law… or a lifestyle? Should we really be arguing on the matter of life or death?

When the Dream Act is put into play, its positive effects are more numerous than the negative ones. With this act, undocumented children are given an education and a future. What is better than an educated America? With education, America can be even more dominant. Everyone, despite their legal classification, deserves to have the option of success. On the matter of money, taxpayers would not have to pay $16.2 billion annually on behalf of deportation fees. With these children growing to be citizens, they will have to pay taxes which will also help the growing deficit. America was born on the morale that all people deserve a safe asylum and freedom.

There are, however, some negatives to this act as well. Some voters speculate that instituting this bill will create a large scale “chain migration”. They feel that this act is only a “magnet” for the famil...

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