Essay about The Law, Statutory Law And Administrative Law

Essay about The Law, Statutory Law And Administrative Law

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1. The term law is a system of principles and processes on which people in a society deal with problems and disputes then seeking to solve or settle them without resorting to any force. The sources in which the law is derived are common law, statutory law and administrative law.
2. The term precedent is a judicial decision that may be used as a standard in subsequent similar cases. Res Judicata means the thing is decided either acted on or decided by the courts. Stare Decisis which means let the decision stand. When a decision is rendered in a lawsuit involving a set of torts, another lawsuit involving an identical situation to be resolved in the same manner as the first. The courts arrive at comparable rulings. The original jurisdiction means the authority of a court to first conduct a trial on a certain case. The appellate jurisdiction is where appeals from trial judgments are held.
3. The first branch of government is the legislative. The function of this branch is to enact laws that may amend or repeal existing legislation and to create new legislation. The second branch is the executive branch in which the federal and state level is to administer and enforce the law. The function of the judicial branch of government is adjudication, which is resolving disputes in accordance with law.
4. The meaning of separation of powers is the system of checks and balances. It 's in regard to the relationships among the branches of government.
5. Administrative agency have the authority to formulate rules and regulations considered necessary to carry out the intent of legislative enactments. Regulatory agencies have the ability to legislate, adjudicate and enforce their own regulations in many cases.
6. The responsibilities of the DHHS are ...

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...or is an offense generally punishable by less than 1 year in jail and or a fine A felony, however is punishable by imprisonment in a state or federal prison for a period of more than one year.
3. The process of a criminal trial are similar to a civil trial and include jury selection, opening statement, presentation of witnesses and other evidence, deliberations verdict and appeal to a higher court.
4. Health care fraud has been costly to the nation in several ways, changes that were unaccountable for as home visits, ordering medical tests not related to patients conditions. Fraudulent billing and medical claims.
5. Physicians have been reluctant to remove a patients life support system as later some complaints are filled against them.
6. Patients are sometimes reluctant to complain about things, health care as good care is hard to find and sometimes is due to coats.

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