Essay about The Law Of Integrity And Integrity

Essay about The Law Of Integrity And Integrity

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The Law of Integrity
Integrity is not what is good for you, but what is good for the people. It is never an easy path, but overall you will end up having a greater quality of life. You may stand out more, but you will become a better model for society. Throughout his life, Jesus demonstrated integrity despite the obstacles it caused him. Today’s culture has lost the value of integrity so much that the main examples, apart from Christ, are found in fictional literature. It is disturbing that characters such as Aragorn from Lord of the Rings and Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia) are revered more than real-life people of today. One of the more popular characters who share Jesus’ integrity is the humble Ned.
Integrity has been taken for granted over and over again due to the excess of dishonesty in today’s government as well as the media. Case in point, the Veteran’s Health Administration had a massive scandal only a few months ago. It was reported that more than forty veterans had died while awaiting care in Phoenix, Arizona. These individuals should not have died while under the care of the government; furthermore, it was stated that employees at the Phoenix VA office had falsified documents to cover up delays (Reuters). Our veterans deserve better than to be deliberately ignored by our own government. Another instance of a severe deficiency of integrity can be found amidst the Irish police scandals embroiling the country. It all started with the Ireland’s police bugging the offices of the nation’s independent police watchdog as well as widespread cancellations of penalty points and fines for traffic violations. Family members, fellow officers, politicians, and even judges have supposedly benefitted from their actions (Da...

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...asked the nobles in a council session why the innocents suffered, when they played their game of thrones. He was referring to the nobles’ sometimes secretive contending for the vacant throne of their kingdom. Being such a stark man, Ned and his family remained true to their beliefs contrary to the venality infesting the land. Although he was killed by the corrupted, Ned Stark from Game of Thrones remained an excellent model of integrity for the rest of the characters in the novel as well as people of today.
This is why we, as individuals working for the Kingdom of God, must strive towards becoming better models of integrity than fictional characters. Integrity is not essentially what is good for you, but what is best for the people. You may be obvious to the corrupted, but you will be a greater model for society. This is why we must be men and women of integrity.

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