Essay on The Law Of Explosive Growth

Essay on The Law Of Explosive Growth

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The Law of Explosive Growth
Some might say what kind of law is that, yet it is self-explanatory. The word explosive mean pertaining to or of the nature of an explosion and the word growth mean An increase, as in size, number, value, or strength; extension or expansion: population growth. The Law states that suddenly there will be an outburst of growth. It grows so fast you will not believe what is going on
People wait for changes to take place in their life. As you grow from adolescent to young adult, and when entering the group of being an adult. One thing that is true you go through the Law of Explosive Growth. Even the bones in one’s body go from a time when i0t knows the time to explode. The Medical profession call, it a growth spurt. Boys tend to grow most quickly between the ages 12 and 15. That explosive growth spurt is physical.
Let’s talk about the Law of Explosive Growth in the spiritual sense. Growing in the spiritual is a lot different than what most people think. Other members seem to look at their leaders as if they are taking over. Although this may be true in some case, it is not the same in all. Not all leaders are born leader they must be trained into leading people to bring better at what they know.
Leaders strive to learn increasingly more realizing striving for perfection to build the growth. The Law of Explosive Growth does not mean those in leadership has done a great job but it means the lead in a way the people want to follow. To demonstrate how leaders are not to think highly of themselves work just as hard their followers and watch the Law of Explosive Growth take off. The first thing to remember is to take the eye off you and concentrate on us.
Despite what anyone thinks put God first in all things. ...

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...roduce leaders from all of the group. Provided that life throws ups and downs your way never give in, shoot for the stars regardless if life sends lemons to make lemonade out of situations.
Moving from one Sampson county to Harnett county I changed churches, at my former church I was Pastor Aid Assistant leader. Leaving was so difficult but it was something that had to be done. However, when doing my duties giving no surprises who came after me would understand and fulfill all. I show how by teaching, talking and demonstrating.
Lastly, we got our hands dirty together so when I left I realized impacting my friends to do all that should be achieved in the household of faith. As such examples are mention in the Bible Acts 9:31, Acts 5:14, Acts 5:11 13,14, Acts 2:43,47 these shall let you know about The Law of Explosive Growth and God works.
In the conclusion d

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