Essay about Law Making Process in UK's Parliament

Essay about Law Making Process in UK's Parliament

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Drafting & Assent
The rule of law is held supreme in the United Kingdom. In order to reinforce the rule of law, the House of Commons was deemed to be the supreme legislative body in order to uphold the rule of law. The law formulated by the parliament is known as the statutory law. The process by which statutory law is created is divided in to two procedural subdivisions, the pre-parliamentary procedure, and the parliamentary procedure . While it may appear that the pre-parliamentary procedure and the parliamentary procedure are separate and unrelated procedural courses, they are not. Both procedures compliment each other, in that with each stage a definite part of an act’s life is complete.
The pre-parliamentary process is divided in to five distinct steps. These steps may appear to be tedious; however, this is necessary in order to ensure that the laws are passed after thorough consideration . The first step is indecisive as any member of the parliament may present an act for consideration, an example will be the Abortion Act 1967, which presented by David Steel as a Private Member’s Bill. In the normal course of the business of the parliament, the legislative committee decides what laws are to be presented for assent in a parliamentary session. The legislative committee is not the actual legislative body; the function of the legislative committee is to draft the law that is to be presented for assent. The Bill is a rough draft of the law that is to be presented to the parliament for assent. Bills are created on the recommendation of the numerous commissions that operate within the country .
After deciding on the issue with regards to which the law is to be formulated and presented for assent, a Green Paper will be issued. A...

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...s that the House of Commons hold undue power. However, the most complicated impact of the deviation is that fact that the House of Commons can pass major constitutional reforms without the assent of the House of Lords.

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