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Jurisdiction the Law has over Citizens
What would the world be like is there as absolutely no law? A recent movie, The Purge, clearly depicted the total anarchy a world without law would create. The Purge allowed people to see what a night without order, control, or protection from the government services would look like. The movie included mass destruction of property, murder, theft, and other examples of total anarchy. In order to prevent such mishap, we, as citizens, allow the Law to have jurisdiction over us based on certain grounds. Citizens are willing to give up their power and control in exchange for laws that protect and provide to the common needs, but do not disrupt their natural rights. Some say the Law has too much power over its citizens but the Declaration of Independence challenges this statement by explaining “that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it” (Jefferson, 590.) Although some disagree with the Law’s jurisdiction over us, they will still take advantage of the positive effects the law promotes.
It is evident that the government will never be a Utopia. Flaws exist, yet some citizens do not understand that. Many citizens are fed up with the law they believe to be unnecessary. There is a lot of disruption about taxes and how citizens pay far too much for them. These citizens are also the ones who prefer nice environments to live in and expensive items such as nice parks, prominent school systems, large corporations, etc. Without taxes, it would be impossible to purchase the nice things the communities provide for their citizens. Unjust laws are also a big arguing point when discussing the jurisdiction of the Law. “The law sho...

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...hey believe they hold but in order to establish a safe and steady nation they must let a higher power have jurisdiction over them. “Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it” (Kyi, 682.) The people who don’t want to let their power go are the ones who are corrupt and may cause the problems. In order to keep our society free of the anarchy and destruction a world without law would create, we allow the government to hold jurisdiction over us, as long as they exchange their power with the protection of our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No person would be happy to see the world where murder, theft, and destruction was all legal, therefore that is the reason we choose to give power to the higher source. Without laws the society we live in would be extremely unsafe and the government would not do its job to provide for the common needs of our society.

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