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Law for Child Marriage Essay

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44.5 % of women who are 20 to 24 got married before 18 years old, 22.6% of women married before 16 years and 2.6 % were married before they reached 13 years old in India (Roy). Should government allow this situation to continue in the country? To prevent these children from the traditional beliefs of their parents, law against infant marriage should be enacted. When girls married at the early age, there are lots of consequences over child marriage. Law should really be conducted and used to prevent child marriage in the countries because most of young girls lose the opportunity to be in the school in order to learn and become educated people, early marriage will affect the health and growth of children and finally some child mothers had difficulties with financial problems.
Young girls are supposed to stay and study in school for knowledge and their future vocation. If children are forced to marry at early age, they are not allowed and do not have enough time to stay in school. Catherine Holley, a research officer for the Health and Education Advice and Resource Team in IDS knowledge Services, stated that, “Education for girls can increase their age at marriage, confidence and their perception of their ability to make decisions about marriage and childbearing.” Education for young girls is really important that countries that had given less chance for girls should change the system. When girls can go and learn at school, they will be able to decide on their own what really is important for them. Even though they are getting married, they can probably think of the effect and result of the marriage with will extend their marriage lives. Without having any knowledge or attending school, these girls are not likely to become a good mot...

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...ieves of Indian people have over infant marriage. Even though the author gave the evidences, provide exact number of the marriage and a clear idea on the impact of child marriage, this source is not really reliable. It is because the article was established in 1888, it happened a long time ago. Although this source was well discussed, it is not useful such as other articles in my essay.
"Restraining Child Marriage." Economic and Political Weekly 44.15 (2009): 7.Print.
It is written down about child marriage including the percentage of how many young girls had married at early age and when of the government changed law to prevent early marriage. But even though the law was created, the practice in real life is so low in some rural areas where many people have less education. This source is useful for me when I need to provide the history background of my topic.

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