The Law Enforcement Career Path Essay

The Law Enforcement Career Path Essay

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I’m interested in the law enforcement career path, and there are a lot of different paths you could take in this career choice. This career got my attention mainly because, I find solving mysteries and crimes very intriguing. The origin of this occupation came in during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, coming into America from England. “Generally speaking, the constable became responsible for law enforcement in the towns, while the sheriff took responsibility for the counties” (Stinchcomb 3). The educational requirements for this occupation at a minimum are as high school diploma or GED. Our high school provides us with a forensics class you can take your senior year, and we have an athletics department that you could join anytime throughout your time in our high school to prepare for the physical demands that this job will require.
The job of a detective and or investigator is to investigate any certain specified type of crime. You have homicide detectives for murders, and Narcotics agents to investigate drug related crimes, and then you go higher up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that deals with many types of cases all over the United States when a case crosses a state’s line. Your typical police officer that deal with responding to emergency calls, patrol the highways and local streets, dealing with minor crime in your local town area. “Investigate alleged or suspected criminal violations of Federal, state, or local laws to determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution” (CareerShips). There are Air Marshalls, Border Patrol, so many types of law enforcement out there doing their best to keep everyone safe. All these different types of law enforcement jobs have many responsibilities and work, but ...

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