Law Enforcement and Social Media Essay

Law Enforcement and Social Media Essay

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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very popular social media sites for today’s generation. However, these types of social media sites may no seem like a bad idea to have until a loved one or child is involved in a situation they can’t get themselves out of. Social media’s should be more firm with their users because children have no parental supervision, anyone is allowed to have one and use it for illegal activity, and people take advantage of the sites.
This generation of parents are not supervising their children social media sites. “Such parents may lack a basic understanding of those new forms of socialization, which are integral to their child’s lives” (O’Keefe 5). The appropriate age of today’s society to be on a social media is thirteen years old; however, it is the parents’ decision to decide on what the appropriate age should be. Children are getting on these sites and pretending to be of age or even lying about their age. It is important for parents to be aware of their child’s social lives on and off the internet.
“Peer-to-peer, inappropriate content; lack of understanding of online privacy issues; and outside influences of third-party advertising groups” (O’Keefe 5). The internet is open to anybody. Mostly it is open to search anything. A child of eight years old should not be on the internet searching pornography and not knowing what he or she is even looking at. When children not of age search something on the internet there is a way for parents to go back and look up what their child searched. There is no excuse for a parent not to be more involved in their children’s social media lives.
Anyone is allowed to have a social media and use it for any kind of activity including illegal activities. This is a time...

... middle of paper ... on social media sites. “As marketing becomes more data-driven, it is a vital use of data to keep up with trends, competitor strategies and developments in your market” (Pick 8). Ninety-three of marketers use social media for business. Considering the fact that not all advertisements are positive, companies make a large amount of money off of their advertisements. Advertisements are known to appear on online and out of random. Fake advertisements will trick anyone into buying their product or whatever it is their trying to sell to people.
Today’s generation has the mindset that anyone is capable of having and or being on social media. Being the owner of something especially being underage or over the legal age limit on a site should be based upon parental supervision, a non convicted felon, and someone who will not take advantage of the sites he or she is using.

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