Law Enforcement And Laws 's Reactive Nature Has Enabled These Criminals Essay

Law Enforcement And Laws 's Reactive Nature Has Enabled These Criminals Essay

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There are some, but not many I’d be willing to wager, that can imagine life without some form of digital input device. Computers, cell phones, tablets, cameras, the list goes on when we think about devices that bring the digital world to our fingertips. This gives us an awesome gift to have access to so much information and the conveniences such as shopping, communicating in different ways, and finding information that are enabled by the internet. With this gift though, comes an awesome responsibility that most do not consider. With so much information available and some or most of it unprotected, it is little wonder that criminals have turned their attention to using this information to their advantage. Law enforcement’s reactive nature has enabled these criminals. The slow response by law enforcement and law makers has allowed this type of crime to flourish. Law enforcement and law makers need to devote more resources to these problems. There also needs to be more training available to officers so they are better prepared to deal with these criminals. So how are the various law enforcement agencies dealing with these threats and acts? Is there a national response to these international criminals that bleed grey the jurisdictional boundaries that most criminals stay within?


The 80’s saw the world take a large step forward toward a global society. The forum for this global society is called the World Wide Web. It allows you to socialize with people in different countries, buy goods from around the world, and view large volumes of information. The 90’s saw the rise of large ISP companies and this expanded the World Wide Web even more. At this time the internet was new and individuals did not have any concept ...

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...l money or circulate pornography. Others though shut down systems in governments, steal governmental information, or expose confidential information. These are all the acts of a terrorist or spy, not a common criminal. And all must be dealt with a different way.

Due to the lack of seriousness given to the problem of cybercrime it has been allowed to grow stronger and stronger. If the necessary resources, training, and laws are not put in place the cybercrime issue will only compound over time. Law enforcement cannot treat this as they did drug use before it became a war on drugs or they will have a similar uphill battle on their hands. Some nations and agencies are now seeing the glaring need for responses to these crimes but not enough is being done. There needs to be more international responses and new legislature drafted to stop these criminals of the internet.

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