Essay about Law Enforcement And Federal Enforcement

Essay about Law Enforcement And Federal Enforcement

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Law enforcement comes in many different aspects, ranging from local and state agencies to federal agencies. Each agency operates according to different standards, but are all built on the same principles of law enforcement. Job requirements and duties may also vary, but the main goal of all law enforcement is to protect society. Some responsibilities for these agencies include the prevention of crime, maintaining law and order, and to perform a public service. These agencies can operate with one another or operate totally independent of the other. However, it should be noted that all levels of law enforcement are governed by an outlined set of rules, responsibilities and procedures. (Carter, 2004).
Local agencies of police include municipal, county, tribal, and regional police. They derive their authority from the local governing body that created it. Their primary purpose is to uphold laws of that jurisdiction, provide patrol, and investigate crimes. They are also bound by their state’s requirements for upholding state and federal laws. Local police agencies are unique in the fact that their main functions are focused on patrol. The bulk of officers in any agency work the streets and are constantly in the public eye. These officers are pretty much left on their own to work independently within their departments guidelines and require little supervision by a supervisor. Local police respond to calls for service within their areas of jurisdiction, make arrests when applicable, conduct investigations, and share information with other agencies. Information is shared through local, state and federal agencies that binds the three together.
State agencies, such as the state police, perform police duties that include highway patrol and...

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... can only operate in their specific area, they have statewide range. Federal agencies have jurisdiction all over the country while local and state have limited jurisdictions. Federal agencies also only enforce federal laws. The federal agencies will provide help to the lower agencies when needed and are charged with national security issues and regulations.
The three agencies combined should be as one. The information shared from the bottom up and back down is a necessity for all agencies to fully protect the populations. This is, after all, their fundamental duty. The only way to do this is to be a complete unit and work diligently together. They may have different jurisdictions and different functions, but should be like a body. The federal agencies can act as the head and brain while the state and local agencies can work as the body. One mind, one body, one goal.

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