Law, Crime And Justice System Essay

Law, Crime And Justice System Essay

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Law, crime and justice are becoming more difficult to define based on societal norms, formal and informal influences. These influences alter the way the justice system and legal citizens exercises the penal code. When I first defined law, crime, and justice I applied only my current knowledge of the subject. Now I can define the words with an added sociological prospective to link how they play a part in the criminal justice system. Dr. King wrote a letter pointing out many of the issues within the courts, police and citizen’s role in social norms. These issues addressed in the past have some parallels that are current to today’s law. He explained that the application of just and unjust laws plays a role in how racial discrimination is factored into decision making. Power structures are another way law, crime and justice can be influenced as well as a deterrence factor for committing a crime. A conflict Dr. King addressed was power structures and everyday citizens that maintain the social norms without challenging the status quo. Lastly, police and courts play a role in the application of laws and the effectiveness of keeping order. These are issues that can be addressed by pointing out the current day criminal justice role and relating it to Dr. King’s perspective.
Dr. King was an activist and a membership leader in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He practiced non-violent demonstrations and sit ins that he would refer to as a plan of direct action. The reason for the demonstrations was the lack of support to dismantle segregation and have equality, such as the non-removal of racially motivated signs. What the minority wanted was for the authorities to address and confront the issues of racial injustices within the ...

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...lay into the decision making, such as moral values that may or may not align with the law. In cases where moral values do not align with laws, breaking them would not be seen as significant. In Dr. King’s instance of imprisonment, his moral values of sticking up for what he believed in was enough for him to commit a crime, this is because the laws of segregation did not align with his morals. Several of the institutions affect the importance of following the law or breaking the law. The book Our Guys points out the importance of understanding the socialization of the criminals to understand why the crime was committed. In the case of the high school male rapists who gang raped a handicap girl, these boys were socialized to believe violence and objectification of women was acceptable. Their family and peers further perpetuated this idea by defending the perpetrators.

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