Lauisiana Expansion on the Medicaid Healthcare Essay

Lauisiana Expansion on the Medicaid Healthcare Essay

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Medicaid provides medical benefits to individuals and families to receive healthcare due to lower incomes, and there are more children with Medicaid benefits in the state of Louisiana. Working families apply for this benefit because they are unable to afford healthcare for their families. Applying for this benefit does not consider that person to be unemployed or unfit; some individuals simply cannot afford to have the additional funds taken out of their pay. The parents of those children want their families to have medical benefits for health, personal, or accidental purposes. Governor Jindal would be failing the state of Louisiana by resisting Medicaid expansion and leaving millions of residents without healthcare. Although some parents are irresponsible, the child should not have to suffer due to their parents’ choices. Also, the elderly should not have to suffer because they will need Medicare benefits once they are unable to work and care for themselves. As the Governor of this state, his job should be to protect and help the residents of Louisiana, not hurt those with lower incomes. Medicaid is not hurting the state, but resistance to the Medicaid expansion would not be the better choice.

According to the Department of Health and Hospitals, Medicaid provides medical benefits to low income individuals and families. Over one million residents are receiving healthcare coverage through Medicaid, and the majority of those residents are children under the age of 19. Federal Poverty Level income guidelines determine Medicaid eligibility along with receiving Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration or financial help from the Office of Family Support through Family Independence Temporary...

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...siana, but for others in the country. Part of me believes that individuals should learn to be more responsible and independent, but I do not believe it would be fair to leave those individuals without health either. Also, for parents who do work, sometimes healthcare is too much for them to have for their families which may cause them to look into Medicaid programs along with the new healthcare reform. Those parents should not be penalized along with their children. The elderly should also have a chance in having health coverage as well because some of them worked hard majority of their lives to obtain Medicare benefits once they were retired. Hopefully, politicians can come together to make Medicaid and this reform effective instead of just ruling it out. With all ideas, they can probably make this program a success even though many did not agree with it.

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