Latin American States Are A Weak State 's Deeply Affected By Capitalist Relations Globally

Latin American States Are A Weak State 's Deeply Affected By Capitalist Relations Globally

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THESIS: Many Latin American states are a weak state’s deeply affected by capitalist relations globally which has resulted in zones of order and disorder especially in Guatemala characterized by a history of violence entangled with modernization efforts from national and American actors; all of which has resulted in mass migration.

Note: Below references is outlined according to progression of essay outline not alphabetically.

Rotberg, Robert I. 2003. “Failed States, Collapsed States, Weak States: Causes and Indicators.” In Robert I. Rotberg. State Failure and state Weakness in a Time of Terror. Cambridge, Mass.: World Peace Foundation; Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press.

This author differentiates between weak, strong and collapsed states. The section defining a weak state will be used to help define the majority of Latin American states. Specifically, Rotberg says that weak states are “inherently weak because of geographical, physical, or fundamental economic constraints…situationally weak because of internal antagonisms, management flaws, greed, despotism, or external attacks; and a mixture of the two.” (Rotberg, 2003) However, Rotberg does three outline features of a failed state generally are economic underperformance, political problems and finally the level of violence. This essay will apply the concept of a failed state to Guatemala arguing that it fits all three characteristics. The last indicator is especially a key dimension in the analytic framework since in the section of Guatemala state sponsored violence causes significant instability and is a primary reason for migration out. The second dimension of economic underperformance will be an additional section on the effects of underperformance of many Latin...

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...on and creation of a distinctive national culture. This means that the goal of a stable democracy is undermined constantly by international intervention and consistent dependency. This will be utilized in the conclusion leaving the ultimate development of Latin America open to possibility of effective governance of modernization. The last idea that will be used from this chapter will be multinational corporation’s role in developing countries (used in the foreign capital section of the essay). Fulghum essentially argues that multinational corporations are the
vehicles by which the center carries out its economic control of the periphery. This happens for two reasons first investment is always for the benefit of the core country of origin and second new technology is often times not to the poorer country resulting on a continued dependence on the developed economy.

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