The Latin American Music Scene Essay

The Latin American Music Scene Essay

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The Latin American music scene is an amazingly diverse, engaging and entertaining music culture. Thomas (2011) explains, “…Latin American music has engaged in ongoing dialogue and cultural exchange that has profoundly affected music making in Europe and the United States and, more recently, in Africa and Asia as well”. This paper will be describing different aspects of the music culture from its musical features, to the historical aspect of this interesting music culture. Also, I will discuss a personal experience with Latin American music. After researching the music culture, I attended a concert performed by Boogat, an Emmy award nominated Latin American musician from Quebec who has toured all over North America. Latin American music culture is definitely a culture that provides many fascinating views into the world of popular music out of the eye of western popular culture.
Latin America is a very large geographic area found throughout South America, and has developed into the most southern parts of North America, forcing cultures to merge as time goes on. To list a few, the Latin American music culture includes Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, and many others further south. However, the geographic area of the Latin American culture extends far past North and South America as there are influences from Africa and Europe (Thomas, 2011). These influences come following many historical events, such as Slavery in the eighteenth-century, the colonization from Britain. As a result of Latin-America having such a vast geographical footprint, the music culture is very diverse. Having multiple different cultures mixed into one, enculturation is bound to happen. The missing and fusing of cultures has made a great impact on the music ...

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...of men and women around the age of twenty to thirty. However, to my surprise there were quite a few older people in the audience. No matter the age of the audience, the ensemble was able to keep the crowd on their feet with the energy, strong rhythm and fast tempo found in every single song performed.
After my research and my personal experience with Latin American music at Boogat’s performance, I can say that I am very intrigued to learn more about Latin American music, and everything about the culture. I am very impressed with the traditional integrity that the music culture has been able to keep over all these years. I honestly believe that Latin American music is one of the most interesting and vibrant cultures Ethnomusicologists can study. This is because of the various genres, a massive geographical area, and various influences from other areas of the world.

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