Latest Operating System Launched By Microsoft Essay

Latest Operating System Launched By Microsoft Essay

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This paper focuses on latest operating system launched by Microsoft in the year 2012, named Windows 8. The lukewarm response of the market coupled with partners’ and integrators’ reluctance to engage with enthusiasm with the product and its resultant impact on the financials of the company would be discussed and analyzed. The intent of the paper is to glean learnings from a product, market, and industry perspectives so that we as future leaders can better appreciate the complexities of ambiguous nature of strategic decision making.
The first order of business from the company perspective is to stop the decline of its market share with regards to operating system. Though this sounds simple, the intricate nature of the industry, primarily the eco system that Microsoft created to reap benefits of positive network effect in the past, has been its current challenge. Now the motivations of various participants of the eco system differs based on the industry, strengths and financial muscles each player has, which adds to the complexities, both in terms of relationships and engagement. The crucial dependency amongst the players and keeping a decision optimum from a group perspective is an interesting fact from a game theory perspective. The power balance that permeates across the players and their mutual dependence contributes monetization capabilities at a scale higher than each individual is possible to garner. The down side of such symbiotic relationships causes a delay in decision making and alignment.
If we look at the history of the operating system industry, Microsoft has been the pioneer in the early 80s. “Desktop on every desk” strategy of the late 80s and early 90s contributed to the growth of not just Microsoft but t...

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...ary research namely from 10-k, financial reports, analyst reports, and newspaper articles, etc. The intent is to reach out to some internal stakeholders and collect some primary insights / data. These would be synthesized and presented in the flow as follows:
The first portion primarily focus on what factors drove the launch of Windows 8 operating system. Following that, we would analyze the internal factors that enable the launch including some level of market and competitive analytics. Finally, the group would present its views on the launch plan and would compare and contrast the pros and cons of what the company did vis-à-vis what it should have done (group’s point of view). In the end, the endeavor is to glean tangible insights and understand the complex nature of decision making in real world wherein the attributes and the dimensions are dynamic by nature.

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