Essay Lateral Violence Is An Act Of Aggression That Occurs Among Nurses

Essay Lateral Violence Is An Act Of Aggression That Occurs Among Nurses

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Lateral Violence in Nursing
Lateral violence is an act of aggression that occurs among nurses (Becher & Visovsky, 2012), many nurses are exposed to incidents of lateral violence two or more times weekly (Ceravolo, Schwartz, Foltz-Ramos, & Castner, 2012) (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2014). Lateral violence which is also called bullying, incivility, disruptive behaviors and horizontal violence may be covert or overt acts of verbal or nonverbal aggressions (American Nurses Association, 2011). Lateral violence may be verbal, physical or psychological in nature (Blair, 2013). Victims of lateral violence may have profound psychological effects including fatigue, insomnia, stress, depression, shame, guilt, isolations, substance abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder and suicidal behaviors (Blair, 2013). The effects of lateral violence may be felt be co-workers who may feel a rift between staff, or feel that they are working in a toxic environment (Blair, 2013). Patient safety may become compromised if essential information is withheld from a nurse as a result of lateral violence; a Joint Commission’s review found 70% of the sentinel events that have occurred were a result of poor communication (Blair, 2013). Approximately $30,000-$100,000 is spent per year for each individual affected by lateral violence (Becher & Visovsky, 2012).
Organizations must have policies in place to effectively deal with disruptive behaviors in order to receive accreditation (Longo, 2010). Despite these policies lateral violence still exists and 90% of nurses experience this aggression throughout their careers (Ceravolo et al., 2012) and 60% of new nurses leave positions (Embree, Bruner, & White, 2013). Providing education to nurses on how to re...

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... were victims and 81% reported being witnesses. The results of this study were significantly higher than results of a study performed in the United States involving 1850 nurses from all nursing positions and clinical settings. This study offered a starting point for the Italian National Association of Critical Care Nurses to develop a position statement. This does not only apply to nurses in Italy but all nurses worldwide.
In conclusion the key points of all articles that were reviewed show that education on identifying and addressing lateral violence may be beneficial to decreasing the incidence of its occurrence. Appropriate education should be made mandatory on how to recognize and manage lateral violence incidents is essential in preventing reoccurrence. Evidence based techniques need to be identified to effectively decrease lateral violence in the workforce.

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