The Last Step : Presidential Actions Essay

The Last Step : Presidential Actions Essay

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The last step is Presidential Actions. When both chambers agree to the bill, it will prepare to the final official form and present to the President. The President has ten days to sign or veto the bill. If the President signs the bill in ten day, that bill wall enacted to be the law. However, if the President vetoes that bill, it will return to the congressional chamber. The chambers may try to override the President’s veto. To override the President’s veto, it is required two-third voting. If both chambers vote to override the President’s veto, that bill will enact as the law. However, the Congress’s document noted that “A successful override of a presidential veto is rare” (Congress 2014).
The originated-bill was introduced by Representative Smith from Republican Party; it is the H.R. 3244. The Congressman Smith introduced this bill in the 106th session of Congress On November 8, 1999. The primarily sponsor was Representative Chris Smith. He was the Congressman who played a key role to promote the human rights. He considered the human trafficking as the human right issue. The TVPA of 2000 was a significant legislative achievement of Smith. This bill is bipartisan because it also had 37 cosponsors from both Parties. The H.R. 3244 was introduced in both chambers even if it used the same number.
Mark-up and Floor vote
The passage of TVPA is short. This law was hearing during the summer of 1999 and it passes as the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 in the fall of 2000 (Congressional Almanac 2000). Both House and Senate hearing conducted in June 1999. Representative Smith from Republican Party was the sponsor of H.R.3244. He held first anti-trafficking hearing; this hearing was focusing on sex t...

... middle of paper ... law that deals with the specific human trafficking. The main goal of the TVPA of 2000 is to combat the human trafficking by 3Ps framework: prevention the human trafficking, prosecution the traffickers and protection the victims of the human trafficking. The TVPA of 2000 provides the government prosecutors that they can use to prosecute the traffickers. It also provided the resources to help the victims of the human trafficking. Furthermore, this law related to the governments of the originated-trafficking and destinations. The U.S. can use the resources to motivate, as well as, punish the governments of these countries.
After analyze the TVPA of 2000, it found that this legislative does not cover the all trafficking crimes. The human traffickers attempt to develop the new trafficking techniques. To cover even more, the TVPA is required to renew every few years.

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