Essay The Last Season Of My Football Career

Essay The Last Season Of My Football Career

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It was the last season of my football career and it could not have been going better. We were winning games and were having a blast. The team was giving high fives and banging helmets together. We were a true family; growing closer than any team I had ever been with before. I was standing with my teammates as we said the same prayer before our game as we did every week. “Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” The deep, strong voices rang throughout the room sending chills down my back. I loved it.
I ran out to the center of the field to begin leading the team in stretches and felt as if I were on top of the world. My muscles worked together in perfect harmony as I jumped, lounged, and sprinted back and forth across the field. I was invincible. The thought grew overwhelming throughout my mind: What could ever be greater than this feeling? The feeling of leading and being counted on was one I live my life for. As I finished the last rep of stretches, Coach Pelzel signaled to begin lining up for kickoff. It was game time. The ball was launched into the air and the game begun, I watched the kickoff team run the ball to the thirty yard line where we would begin our drive.
I walked side-by-side into the game with the starting offense and we began to huddle. Riley, our starting quarterback, placed his hands on the helmet of the right tackle, as he did every play. He called the play looking straight into my eyes signaling the pass was coming to me. My entire body tingled with excitement as I ran to the left of the field. I could feel my cleats dig into the soft, freshly cut field as I took my stance. I looked up into the sky seeing only white lights which created the stage for the football field. As I b...

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... respect she deserved for it. My team whom I called my family had dropped onto their knees in respect to me. They had shown me that they were true family, but I had not done the same.
I had only seen the problem through my own eyes. Life is more important than a game of football; I realized it at this moment. I had not lost my team, but rather grew closer to them. I was still their leader and needed to show them I can do that to return the respect they had given me. I truly took another step in life. The game was just the thing that brought the team to meet every week, my teammates were a family who would stick by my side throughout life and we will always be there for one another. I know now what it means to be part of a team, it is not only the physical leadership of winning a game, but the emotional strength to pull through the hardships each player faces.

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