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In the short story, The Last Night of the World by Ray Bradbury, a man who has a dream about the world coming to an end. As the man proceeds with discussing the dream with his wife, they are both surprised at their own actions and reactions to accepting the reality of discovering the world is coming to an end that night resulting in their own immediate deaths. Remarkably he discovers that everyone has had the same dream and the dream has accepted the real event. In the remaining hours of being alive, the man and his wife do discuss the reasons why life might be ending, what they had done to deserve this fate, how they feel about the end and what do they want to do on their last night alive. As every second, minute, and hour passes on the clock, which is quickly approaching Twelve O’ One, it makes no sense that everyone will perish. The immoral activities throughout society has led to all the disarray in the world, and regardless of what role you have or have not played in this activity, the end is inevitable. In the final moments of their lives, the man and his wife accept the end has arrived without any explanation and simply prepare for an uneventful death with the hopes that maybe they will be spared.
“The Last Night of the World” demands the reader examine what would you do if today was your last day alive. This question often emerges when dealing with death of a loved one. Often at death, we reflect on lives lived and usually wish for more time to make amends by doing and or saying things we never did when our loved one was alive. Although your heart leads us to long for the continued living presence of the now deceased loved one, time helps the mind accept their death. This short story tells the story of the last moments of...

... middle of paper ... fate but no one is concerned. Although the story never goes beyond the man and his wife’s reactions, the story also never states that any chaos in the streets. Therefore, one can assume that everyone accepted the end in the same way. You always hear the sayings about what really matters in life and it is never money or things but relationships. Those relationships are meant for our loved ones but could everyone’s indifference to everybody else actually been their great moral sin being the reason for their own death. Only being good to one’s own hardly eliminates the wrong of not caring about who the ills of the world affects others. Because the man and his wife state that there must be some reason and briefly touch on the ills of the world, it indicates that they did know why everyone is being punished and now simply accept and are at peace with their own deaths.

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