The Last Four Days Taking Care Of Darby Essay

The Last Four Days Taking Care Of Darby Essay

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Priyanka and I spent the next four days taking care of Darby. Some morons at the Homecoming dance captured the rejection on camera and posted it on social networks. Many people took Cavan 's side, agreeing with his "popular, blonde, and bimbo-type beauties" statement. It made my blood boil further when Cavan sent a thanks out to those people.

He judged a book by its cover and got support for it!

"I wish he 'd see something past the looks," Priyanka said during our gym class.

"Maybe he just needs to meet a beautiful girl with a beautiful personality," Darby muttered. "And an ugly girl with an ugly personality."

"All girls are beautiful," I scolded, "Don 't call--" I paused realizing what Darby was implying. She was exactly right. Cavan needed someone to show him how wrong his mentality was. A beautiful girl and an ugly girl. "I have a plan!"

The girls looked at me skeptically.

As soon as I briefed them in, Darby called it "stupid". The girl who I was doing it for had so much faith in me.

"Mission impossible," Priyanka said.

Some support.

"One, if Tom Cruise can make Mission Impossible possible, so can I! I love him, by the way!" The girls rolled their eyes. Whatever. They never appreciated good actors, anyways. "Second, I 'll do it alone if you two have such an issue."

"It won 't work, Elsie," Darby said shaking her head.

"Are you doubting my acting skills?" I narrowed my eyes at her, trying to look offended. She chuckled. "You know what? I 'm gonna get Cavan 's opinion of me right now!" I needed to know whether he considered me a "Beauty" or not.

I mean I considered myself fabulous, but that wasn 't enough.

Much against my friends ' protests, I stepped down the bleachers and plodded to the guys shooting hoops. C...

... middle of paper ...

...ike a hawk. My heart paced at our closeness and I felt tiny tingles run through my body. "How about we go together at Joey 's party on Friday?" I leaned closer in, bringing my lips close to his ears. "I can be the Greek God 's goddess."

Greek god meaning Tom Cruise, Alex Pettyfer, or Liam Hemsworth!

His hands moved to my waist.

Typical guy.

"Why not?" He whispered next to my ear. I expected his grasp on me to tighten and freeze instead he pushed me away from him. I stepped back dumbfounded.

Damn, a real slut in a book always managed to kiss and hold the guy.

I got shoved away like my touch was acid for him.

Boy, this is difficult.

"I guess I 'll see you at the party then," I said not meeting his eyes. I moved past him, caught off-guard.

"What happened to the notes?" I heard him ask behind me.

I stopped but didn 't turn around.

"Got them. Don 't worry."

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