Essay on Last Chance For The Worst Youths

Essay on Last Chance For The Worst Youths

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Last Chance in Texas
Last Chance in Texas dives into the lives of juveniles in the criminal justice system. It shows the step and progress in which administration take to assist these troubled youths to redemption and send them back into society as productive members. In this book Hubner shines light on the Giddings State School for the worst of the worst youths. What made this school unique is that they were producing results like no other. This paper addresses the core issues, policies of the school, and a situation that I would do differently.
The Golding States school has a rigorous program where repeated offenders who are facing 25 to life sentences. These youths have committed horrendous crimes and have been labeled as lost cost by society. What this school does is receive those youths and lead them to their second chance. The program is called Capital Offenders Group (COG). Through the program they address the core problems within each of their students. They call them students and never wards, or inmates, or prisoners (Hubner, 2005, xviii). This allows staff member to create an environment of trust and learning.
Whereas if they were to call the youths delinquents, nothing would be accomplished. This is due to the fact that if a child is called troublemaker or delinquent they began to act like it. This is a core issue within the criminal justice, because these children come from very troubled home where they are abused sexually, physically, ignored, and introduced to drugs. In their schools they act out crying for help, as a result they are labeled as a troublemaking. This leads to them actin out even more. Some of these youths act out to block the pain. In this program these youths are treated like children and given t...

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...y stage it can be addressed. There needs to several schools like this within each state and not just in Texas. The actions taken in this program are creating healthy results and needs to be replicated.
This is an excellent program that gives youth the positive attention they need to grow. It allows them to be treated like the children they are but at the same time allows them to take responsibility for their actions. It also gives them hope and the ability to dream and make something of themselves and not feel hopeless like society perceive them to be. The Capital Offenders Group addresses the core issues in these delinquent lives and reach within their hearts and show them that they can make a difference. Their phases allow the youths to progress and grow. A situation that can be changed, is for them to spread this knowledge to every state for it to be reproduced.

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