The Largest Massacre in European History since World War II: The Bosnian Genocide

The Largest Massacre in European History since World War II: The Bosnian Genocide

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One of the numerous results of the fall of communism in Europe, the Bosnian Genocide is considered to be the largest massacre in European history since WWII. Lasting for an estimated time of 3 years, the Bosnian Genocide wiped out millions of citizens; specifically Muslim Bosnians (known as Bosniaks). The country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, went through cultural desegregation as well as religious tensions that rose as time progressed.
Bosnia and Herzegovina, located just west of Serbia, is a European country with a current population of approximately 3,834,000 people. In 1992, the population estimate was 4,113,000, but by the end of the genocide in 1995, it dropped to 3,521,000 citizens. The main languages are Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. Bosnia’s main religions that make up the country are: Islam - with the largest percentile of the population at 40%, followed by 31% Christian Orthodox, Roman Catholics at 15%, and other religions which make up a total of 14% of the population. The capital is Sarajevo, which was also meant to be a safe haven for Muslims who were in fear during the genocide and war. Fellow cities Gordaze and Srebrenica were were two of the other safe havens (there were 5 total). However, these cities were not only sieged, but the markings for massacres and bloodshed within a nation.
Communism was a strong standing form of government in Bosnia, lasting for almost 50 years. However, the fall of communism was shorter, spanning 3 years, from1989 to 1992. The fall began with the end of the long lasting Cold War, along with the deconstruction of the physical barrier that was a sign of separation - the Berlin Wall. Tearing down the walls of communism in countries around them led to the break up and the collapse of Y...

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