Essay on Largest E-Commerce in India: FLIPKART

Essay on Largest E-Commerce in India: FLIPKART

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It was founded in Bangalore, India in 2007. It is the largest business to business (B2B) E-commerce in India. They initially started with books and later it got diversified with wide range of products. It is based on consumer products i.e., industry. There was increase in the growth due to its rapid diversification.
Inventory is the ‘stock-in-hand’ of materials for subsequent processing and of the products for ultimate use of the customers or end-users. Keeping track of your inventory is important for any retailer who wants to gain expertise. It is a complete e-commerce system which could give you an idea of your total inventory for each and every supplier. It uses a perpetual inventory system in which then and there the inventory data is updated. As soon as an order is placed the data goes straight and the stock is known. In this system the bar code scans and other technology helps to control the system even better. This is the most reliable as the data is most up to date and accurate. Its Inventory systems let you know when it is time to stock up the inventory on items that are going to be out of stock and can also prevent you from overselling products. It also gives a substantial insight to the rate of selling of products. It also keeps a track and integrates with the catalogue system. It also filters the product as per the requirements of the concerned person. It makes it easier even for sales people. The materials manager can also assess the situation within few minutes. It makes it easy by displaying real time conditions of the inventory of the products which are in stock or out of stock, filters product according to the requirement. It decreases or increases the inventory level as the processing in the or...

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...derstood in the clear manner by knowing the type of inventory they use, the number of orders that is placed per day, the type of procurement system that they use for the inventory, terms of contract between the company and the supplier.


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